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The Marketing Cycle is the basis for support B.Lindgren CONSULTING will provide for your organization. For successful marketing, communication must flow in a constant dynamic cycle between customer and company. Energizing that cycle is one way B.Lindgren CONSULTING will support your marketing effort.

The benefits of your product or service can be communicated with an exciting and inexpensive array of tools. White Papers are a powerful tool helping your potential customers and clients better understand the benefits of your product or service space and to call subtle attention to the strengths of your company or organization. Call us for a discussion of what may be right for your organization.

Marketing support ties together research, writing and graphic design to propel your product or service to a new level.

Our approach to marketing has been guided by many resources. One of current interest is SPIN (TM) Selling developed by Neil Rackham. It is an important way for you or your company to achieve sales success with large accounts. The approach uses a four phase framework in which questioning provides a foundation for building customer/client confidence in your product or service. B.Lindgren CONSULTING can support your organization's use of these concepts.

Phase I establishes knowledge about the customer/client's Situation.

Phase II identifies Problems related to the customer/client's product or service, organization, etc.

Phase III establishes Implications of these problems for the profitability of the customer/client's business.

Phase IV solidifies the customer/client's Need for a product or service and identifies a specific payoff for the customer/client as a result of acquiring your product or serivce.

A few days ago a conversation turned to marketing for a small business. We used to say that the first priority is a great business name that leaves no doubt about what the business is about. Names like Apple, Google and Amazon changed all of that thinking but branding now follows the selection of a business name.

Next is business cards and a brochure that calls for action. Those are the leave-behind tools when the business ideas are promoted with potential customers and stakeholders.

Of course, today there is no business or organization that can neglect their Web site.

Over many years I have been involved with many conversations about the goals for new websites.

Today there are many options for website development.

Call for YOUR conversation.