Project Management
Project Management

Project Management is about achieving your goals.

Organizations like yours are constantly challenged to make mission critical activities happen. Success is steady progress toward implementing worthwhile ideas. Taking ideas to the next critical step is what project management is all about. And, perhaps as important, project management adds value to ideas through a careful analysis of what is needed to move the idea forward;  shape the concept and confront reality.

Have you ever asked: "Why can't I seem to make #*%@ happen?"

Project Management is a systematic, but common sense, way of making these critical events happen.

  • Champions and Charters - Champions want the project done and are willing to be the spokespersons representing or selling the project to potential sponsors. Signing off on the vision, mission, goals and objectives by the sponsors creates a charter sayiing in effect "Let's do it!."
  • Task Analysis - Identifying first in broad brushstrokes and then in carefully articulated detail what must be done to achieve successful completion.
  • Resource Recruitment -Identifying and locating the time, talent & treasure needed to complete each of the identified tasks.
  • Critical Path Planning - Setting a target date for completion of the project is the foundation for Project Management. Critical Path Planning is working backward from the target date to establish when, how and by whom tasks will be completed. Milestones provide checkpoints for measuring progress. Tasks are interdependent and must be completed in a logical order.
  • Execution - Project management is about bringing together the resources at the right time to complete mission critical tasks and achieve each milestone.
  • Evaluation - Evaluation is continuous and provides feedback to the project team.

Formulating a plan to move from Point A to Point B is often best achieved by carefully and thoughtfully building a framework based on projects.

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