Project Management

Technical Writing will support your business.

30+ years of experience in teaching science provided plenty of practice giving directions. With this experience, I can provide your business, non profit organization, school or local government with support for the challenges of conveying directions - making clear what it is your students, stakeholders, employees and your customers should do to succeed.

Products and services often succeed or fail based on how well you convery the step-by-step processes of getting things done.

I'll help you:

  • Interview and Strategize
  • Organize and Outline
  • Draft and Revise

White Papers can combine your marketing communications with informative discussion about your product or service. We will discuss your challenges and potential solutions at your convenience. Contact us!


Instructional Design

Instructional Design and technical writing are closely allied. Analysis and strategy are critically important components of both activities. LOMA is a acronym helping to simplify and describe the cyclic and interrelated processes of Instructional Design. Learner characteristics underlie all effective designs. Objectives of instruction must be carefully articulated. Methods of instruction are selected as appropriate to learner characteristics, instructional objectives and available resources. Assessment is continuous and informs the cycle of design..


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